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Pepper Gel?

Pepper Spray?

Which is the better choice for you?

Pepper Gels are highly under rated while Pepper Sprays are much more common and popular. Gels are relatively new comers, compared to sprays, so that might account for the popularity factor. This list might help you decide if pepper gels are the best solution for you:


  • Pepper gel shoots about 50% further than pepper spray, so you can shoot when the attacker is farther away.
  • Pepper gel is very sticky and hard to rub off.
  • Pepper gel is not affected by light wind, the way pepper spray is.
  • Pepper gel does not contaminate an entire room, the impact is very localized so it doesn't affect you or innocent bystanders.
  • Pepper gel can be clearly aimed and you can see when it hits it's target.
  • Pepper gel leaves a dye on the attacker, for easier identification later if needed. Sprays do not have dyes.


  • Pepper gel offers less coverage than a spray, because of it's narrow spray pattern.
  • Pepper gel requires some degree of aim accuracy because it really needs face contact to be effective. Pepper sprays have a wide spray pattern so aim is not as big a factor.


Try to imagine a situation where you have to defend yourself. With the pepper gel, you can start shooting sooner than with a spray. The wind is less of a factor than with pepper spray so you don't have to compensate as much, and you can clearly see where the gel is going. Yes, you have to aim more carefully but if you hit the assailant on the face, his first reaction is to stop and rub his eyes and nose because suddenly he can't see and can hardly breathe. But by rubbing his eyes and nose, he's actually spreading the gel, making the effect even worse for him. His primary concern has now become breathing, and trying to remove the gel. You meanwhile, don't see any of this because you are running in the opposite direction. You also have more time to run because the gel has a longer lasting effect than the spray due to the continued skin contact. And lastly, the dye left behind by the gel lasts for up to 72 hours.

The only real down side the gel has versus the spray, is that you really need to aim for the face. However, the up sides, including it's longer reach, it's stickiness, and the ability to not contaminate the rest of the room and hit you or other people, might make gel a better choice for you.

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